Hand Therapy and the Injured Worker: How to Address Malingering and Magnifying Behaviors

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Hand therapists know their protocols, but what happens when the greatest barriers to recovery are not just physical? In the rehabilitation of the injured worker, this concept is a common challenge with issues surrounding secondary gains and fear avoidance behaviors often leaving even the most skillful hand therapist frustrated and disillusioned. This presentation is intended for both novice and experienced hand therapists who are looking to better understand the unique elements of treating a workers’ compensation population. Attendees will learn to identify predisposing factors to malingering and magnifying behaviors while exploring practical strategies to overcome biopsychosocial challenges and guide the patient to return to work status.


  • Describe symptom magnification versus malingering behavior

  • Understand secondary gains in industrial rehabilitation and identify potential predisposing factors

  • Identify strategies for addressing obstructing biopyschosocial issues in order to effectively progress your patient towards return to work status