Intro into Volunteering

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Grab a snack, or whatever your lunch preference, and come meet with your fellow therapists and some inspirational leaders. You will come away with a better understanding of the governing structure of ASHT, and all the volunteer opportunities that are available. Gene Terry, ASHT’s Executive Director, will be there to provide an overview of ASHT, and teach you how to navigate through our many offerings. Two illustrious past presidents, Jerry Coverdale and Gary Solomon, will provide pearls on how they got involved with ASHT, and our current board intern, Lauren DeTullio, will share some of her experiences over the past year as a volunteer to the board of directors.


  • To identify a comprehensive overview of ASHT governing structure

  • Learn how to navigate and engage in volunteer opportunities within ASHT

  • Understand where to access ASHT resources for leadership, development, growth, and further involvement