Maximizing Outcomes for Patients with TFCC Injuries: Understanding TFCC ligaments, Completing a Hand Therapy Evaluation, Fabricating of a Specialty Orthosis and a Treating Using a Sensorimotor Based Rehabilitation Approach

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


This session will provide the audience with a review of biomechanics of the TFCC and DRUJ, including a description of the ligaments richly innervated by mechanoreceptors, the role of the muscles in dynamic stability and the implications in the rehabilitation process. Subsequently, a step-by-step examination/evaluation of the patient with TFCC injury/repair will be presented, followed by a detailed description of a staged sensorimotor control rehabilitation program based on the latest evidence. In addition, this session will also discuss TFCC injuries in children and adults, with a focus on a custom orthosis. You will learn how to conduct testing to rule in a possible TFCC injury versus other diagnoses, select interventions based on the findings and make a custom orthosis to help rest and heal the TFCC area while maintaining independence in many activities.


  • Describe the anatomical structures that comprised the TFCC and the proprioceptive roles of them

  • Identify the ligaments and muscles involved in the stability of the DRUJ

  • Describe the examination/evaluation process of a patient with injury/repair of the TFCC including 3 provocative tests

  • Attendees will analyze novel orthosis options for TFCC

  • Discuss the progression of sensorimotor control based exercises for patients with TFCC injury/repair