Pediatric Elbow Injuries: Therapy to Facilitate Return to the Playground or Playing Field

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Rehabilitation following trauma to the elbow, even in children, can be challenging. Not only is the goal to regain range of motion and strength for functional use, but children and adolescents must maximize their rehabilitation potential in order to return to participation in school activities, recreational play or sports. This session will explore common pediatric traumatic injuries and how these are treated operatively and non-operatively. Evidence-based interventions to address impairments these children and adolescents present to therapy with will be discussed. Case studies will be presented to illustrate the topics addressed throughout the session.


  • Describe the pathology of common pediatric elbow injuries.

  • Define the functional range of motion and strength necessary for return to participation in PE or sport activities.

  • Identify precautions and contraindications for return to sport following an elbow injury.