Twitter for Hand Therapists; Using Social Media for Collaboration, Advocacy and Innovation

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Twitter is a valuable resource, enabling hand therapists to advocate for our profession while building learning and collaboration networks nationally and internationally. This workshop will be of interest to both novice and experienced users of the Twitter social media platform. The session will include a brief introduction to getting started on Twitter and will engage participants in “live tweeting” and evidence searching. The presentation team will discuss using Twitter to develop, expand and sustain clinical and research networks to facilitate collaborations. We will share top tips and strategies for engaging with international Twitter users and groups to promote and advocate for hand therapy. We will share clinical pearls gained via therapists and other global health professionals via Twitter regarding scientific evidence, research and practical advice to advance excellence in therapeutic relationships and clinical practice.


  • Attendees will consider opportunities to develop local, national and international collaborations with other hand therapists, surgeons, scientists, and advocacy groups to advance the practice and study of hand rehabilitation

  • Attendees will have an increased awareness of how to effectively use Twitter to promote our Hand Therapy colleagues and profession and advocate for our patients

  • Attendees will gain skills needed to ascertain what content on Twitter can be incorporated into practice to increase patients understanding of their treatment plan and compliance with their home program