Wound Care for the Hand Therapist- Understanding the “Why” Behind the “How”

Date/Time: Fri, October 2, 2020 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Hand therapists regularly perform wound care as part of their clinical practice, and are expected to have fundamental knowledge in wound healing. While most hand therapists are competent in wound care basics, many clinicians would also confide that they wished they had a better understanding of advanced wound care concepts. This session is designed to provide even the most experienced hand therapists with a higher knowledge of wound healing and how to apply it in clinical practice. Attendees should expect to leave this session with a more confidence in wound assessment, description, documentation and topical dressing selection and application. They will not only be able to answer the “how-to” questions that arise in clinical practice, but more importantly, be able to explain the “why” questions that inform best practice. Sarah obtained an advanced certificate in Skin and Wound Management (WCC) in 2016, and looks forward to sharing updated evidence and treatment recommendations from the national wound care education community. With seven years of experience as a hand therapist at a Burn Center and Urban-Based Trauma I Teaching Hospital, Sarah will also share practical clinical treatment pearls.


  • Identify the 4 Phases of Wound Healing and Their Unique Physiology

  • Describe Barriers to Wound Healing and How Identify Why a Wound Might be Stalled

  • Determine the Different Types of Wound Dressings and How to Pick the Right Dressing based on Wound Presentation

  • Discuss the Proper Technique of Formal Wound Assessment and How to Best Document Wound Presentation

  • Identify Resources and Certificate Programs to Maximize Your Understanding of Best Practice in Wound Care