Tracy Chism-Balangue, BSc, OTD, CHT

Dr Tracy Chism-Balangue is a Certified Hand Therapist with a BSc and Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and 18+ years’ experience in hand therapy. She is a senior clinical therapist at Cedars Sinai outpatient hand therapy program, where she specializes in the management of individuals with upper extremity dysfunction including trauma, osteoarthritis, orthopaedic sports injures, work- related injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries and CRPS. She provides clinical mentorship for the Cedars Sinai team and is responsible for the delivery of evidence-based best practice. She is an adjunct assistant professor at the Center for graduate studies at West Coast University in California teaching Masters and Doctorate Occupational Therapy students. In addition, she is research advisor to Masters level Occupational Therapy students at Stanbridge University in California.